Modi’s eloquence represented entire India

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, on Sunday (September 28, 2014) addressed a crowd of over 19,000 NRIs with his rousing speech, which made many reminisce about the 1893 speech of Swami Vivekananda in the same month of September. Throughout his speech, some 19,000 NRIs was constantly cheering him and their applause rent the air.  Greeting the crowd warmly, Modi began his speech with his affirmation that India would move ahead at a rapid pace and lead the 21st century world.

Modi – a great orator – as usual has grabbed the attention of the entire world with his impeccable eloquence. What a speech! Words fail to describe the floristic beauty of the speech delivered by Modi. Yes, truly he represented the country comprising of 1.25 billion people and has given the world what India in veracity is. Modi in the capacity of the Prime Minister had not just addressed the crowd by mere reading of the script written by others, rather he has delivered a speech of his own with his inner abilities and the knowledge acquired over the years. He said India was the youngest country of the world and held the key to the future of the globe. As much as 65% of the India’s population was below 35, and India needed to use this demographic advantage. He expressed hope that India would not need to look back.


Whatever was spoken from the podium has not only made the entire world to think, but to rethink and re-rethink. The statesmanship of a leader lies in his abilities while representing the state. Yes, Modi did it in a splendid manner both at the UN and at Madison Square. Isn’t Modi a great orator?


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