What did Srikrishna, Sivaramakrishnan committees achieve?

Justice Srikrishna Committee and Sivaramakrsihnan committee are very familiar among the masses of both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. So much of time and money were vested in the setting up of committees. But, the pain and vein that went into the research findings could not achieve anything except for gathering dust over in the officesContinue reading “What did Srikrishna, Sivaramakrishnan committees achieve?”


Suryapet pounds a jackpot with Vijayawada as AP’s capital

Suryapet, a town in Nalgonda district, is going to have a very great time as far as the development is concerned. The announcement of Vijayawada as the new capital city of residuary Andhra Pradesh has doubled up the chances of its growth. Geographically the town is located in the middle of Hyderabad and Vijayawada atContinue reading “Suryapet pounds a jackpot with Vijayawada as AP’s capital”

Why few celebrities get into prostitution, suicides?

Few celebrities of all genres choose the ultimate path of prostitution, while few others choose the path of suicide. There is no specific need to quote examples in this regard. History divulges many incidents. Many people may wonder why people who created a repo for self should get into such mucky things. Yes, it’s ratherContinue reading “Why few celebrities get into prostitution, suicides?”

KCR’s silence itself is a furtive strategy?

Despite the fact that KCR was criticised by the leaders of opposition parties, at times KCR keeps unvoiced; and every time he opens up after a long period of silence, he just roars. Yes, it has been his modish strategy. In this milieu I would like to refer to a beautiful dictum in Telugu –Continue reading “KCR’s silence itself is a furtive strategy?”

AP’s new capital decision in whose interest?

Though an official statement by Chandrababu Naidu, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, concerning the new capital city of residuary Andhra Pradesh in the state assembly is still awaited, it is an open secret that a place in the proximity of Vijayawada-Guntur is going to be the new capital city of the state, for sure.Continue reading “AP’s new capital decision in whose interest?”

It’s Dhoni’s style!!

Soon after a great defeat, Dhoni always comes back with his splendid captaincy to fasten the chops of all those who adversely commented just before. Yes, it has become a customary craze indeed. It is not the first time that the skipper has come back with a befitting reply, but it is one more suchContinue reading “It’s Dhoni’s style!!”

5Rs of waste management

At a time when the individuals in particular and the society as a whole are wasting so much of natural resources, there arises a need to safeguard the environment by various means that includes effective waste management. A cyclic waste management process can very well address the waste management, thereby safeguarding the environmental squalor toContinue reading “5Rs of waste management”

What if the politicians are not aware of rules?

Getting elected to a legislative body may be an easy issue, if a person is offered ticket by the trendy political party and with the astute use of the personal influence. But, the same may obscure the image of self as well as the legislative institute, if the people’s representatives are not aware of atContinue reading “What if the politicians are not aware of rules?”

Why state governments stand firm against prohibition of liquor?

Despite the fact that most people lose their lives under the influence of liquor and a strong resistance from the women of all categories, most of the state governments never bother to proscribe the liquor business in their respective states. Even if a daring step is ever taken by the leaders with some vision, the same will be revoked inContinue reading “Why state governments stand firm against prohibition of liquor?”

Is there any connection between Ganesh Chathurthi and rainfall?

Have you ever noticed that at most places every year on Ganesh Chathurthi, rainfall may be scantly but occurs? Why is it so? Is there any relationship between Ganesh Chathurthi and rainfall?   The beginnings of the Ganesh festival can be traced back to a time when most of the populace of India lived byContinue reading “Is there any connection between Ganesh Chathurthi and rainfall?”