Can India Regain Its Charm?

India is the world’s largest democratic nation. But, I doubt beyond doubt whether it can be called a democratic nation. I have this doubt because of the customary blemished political gimmicks, which have been happening in India. The recent episode of note for vote that came about in the milieu of the just concluded MLC elections in Telangana state of India has raised the auxiliary doubts. I am astounded to know that a single vote can cost Rs 5cr. The MLA, who was caught red-handed, soon after his arrest by the ACB said that he was fixed deliberately. Seriously, I couldn’t understand one thing – once accepting bribe or bribing someone is a crime, where is the question of fixing someone intentionally. Are the politicians impervious to bribing cases? If so, there should have been auctions in place of the elections.

Soon after the episode of bribing, I was enthusiastically watching various television channels and even read various articles in the leading news dailies. In most of the electronic media channels, the participants (so called analysts) uttered commiseration for the accused. In their opinion, it was ‘just’ something like distributing the money to the general public before general elections. It seems that it has been nigh on admitted in the country that distribution of money for voting in favour of someone is above-board. Alas, we made the world’s largest democratic nation to lose its tallness.

Today, coincidentally Telangana state has been celebrating the first anniversary of its formation day. There’s a joy associated with this event – for statehood for Telangana was the only aspiration of myriad populous of Telangana. But, the shameful bribing incident and the unacceptable analysis in favour of the accused made me sad and also forced me to think if they, in point of fact, can be called the analysts.

I do remember that there was a TV ad  – in that ad a politician is inquired by the common man whether he had any formal qualification to contest the polls, which makes the politician embarrassed. Though, it was a commercial ad, the theme is impressive and thus arises a question: isn’t there any need to make it essential to have some formal qualification to contest the polls, so that such untoward things could be avoided?

Unfortunately, we Indians forget the rip-offs so soon – it is not because of the low memory power of the individuals, but a more intensified fiddle flashes on the electronic media channels and newspapers, even before the previous scam becomes stale. Also, the investigation process takes ‘just’ 15-20 years and by that time …??!! This weakness in the system has become the strength for many culprits and paves a way for them to carry on with what they want.

My intention is not to state either all politicians are corrupted or the system itself is corrupted. Of course, there are some visionary people among politicians and bureaucrats, who want to do the best in their respective domain. But, for every one visionary person, there are many leaches to lay the stumbling blocks. At this juncture, it is a collective responsibility of the media, and the learned elites to come forward and educate the masses, so that the undeserving people are not elected to the legislative institutes. This is essential to regain the stature of democratic India.

I have no doubt that India would regain its stature and once again will make all of us proud to be Indians!! I wish that day is in the offing and – for this to happen – all that we need is a collective effort by each and every stake holder.


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