Social Media connecting the World 24X7 — Book Release

About the Book

With the advent of the Internet and World Wide Web, the way we conduct ourselves and communicate has been thoroughly changed. Including every aspect of print media and broadcast media, social media has emerged as a new trend in the area of mass media. In fact, social media cannot be categorised as a subject of mass media alone, rather, it’s a multidisciplinary subject — and even afar of that. For this reason, social media turns to be a subject of general interest.

This book does need not be read from beginning to end just like a mystifying story — because — this book offers useful insight into every major aspect of social media; and just by reading the topic of your interest, you would get acquainted with the subject matter. The very idea behind this comprehensive work is to present every feature relevant to the social media in concert. This book not only serves as a textbook to the mass communication students who undertake social media as their subject of specialisation, but also serves as a reference book for professionals, researchers and readers of wide-ranging interest.

Expansions and updates to this book can be found at Of course, we would like to be keen on hearing from readers at twitter handle sumankasturi or by sending email to and/or — feel free to diverge or flood us with warmth. We adhere to our promise of personally responding!


The book has been officially released at Andhra University by Prof Nageshwar Rao, the vice Chancellor of the University. Some of the newspaper clippings of the event are placed below: More details about the book can be found at×7.php

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