The Unrevealed Facts behind the Popularity of Bigg Boss Show

The Unrevealed Facts behind the Popularity of Bigg Boss Show

It is an established fact that the largest part of human beings, If not be in awe, are parallel in their thought process. In this world of the survival of the fittest, until the end of time, beyond doubt, there will be an incessant veiled fight back for supremacy. It is the human propensity that people hook up their own personal lives and behavioral prototypes to the people they have a high regard for.

In the foregoing occasions, there was no much scope for such activities as chirping from beginning to end of the personal lives of the celebrities. But there was constantly a hidden longing for the same.  In the contemporary media enriched world, now there is a cosmic province for such possibilities, wherein the audience gets a hold of access to the personal lives of the celebrities.

Bigg Boss show, which is originally based on the popular Big Brother show format, has surely established leeway of peeping into the personal lives of the celebrities on a day to day basis for a good number of days. Such coverage not only paves a way for the widespread audience to correlate their individual lives with the private lives of the celebrities but also set aside them to make a person of their choice as a favorite. Thus, the audience let their favorites plod in the show for a longer time through the voting process.

With the popularity that the Bigg Boss show arrived at, on track, I worked on to let slip why the big boss show has been so enthralling to the audiences. To take on board the wonders from a psychological perspective, I have been watching the show for a couple of weeks. The behavioral prototypes, the arguments and many other ongoing things in this reality show bear a resemblance to the minuscule outside world. In my estimation, these things make the people transpire to get captivated by the show, in that way making the show very trendy.

What’s more is most of the people who are the customary audiences of this show, by and large, are middle-class people. If we noticeably look at the psychology of the middle-class people, they, in veracity, have many aspirations per se! But due to some or other reasons, those aspirations get high and dry. When these people get out in the open to reality shows like Bigg Boss, they look at the participants, who are the real-life celebrities, similar to them to the extent that their personal behavior and personal lives are concerned. Expressively, such a connection makes them, in some way, feel that they are not below any superstar. Thus, the audience gets hold of a soothing emotion.

Alternatively, people outline the pre-conceived opinions about their favorite contestants in such reality shows like Bigg Boss. Whatever is done by their favorite contestant is good enough for them. Such preferential treatments go to such an extent that the audiences form virtual social groups. At times, the divergence goes up in flames among such groups on social media platforms. In fact, such actions from the audiences, at one remove gives a wider publicity to the reality show and make them more popular.

In the topical scenario, the Bigg Boss show has stolen the throb of the audience to a greater extent. Aforementioned interpretations are, of course, the most convincing raison d’êtres behind the fascination towards the reality show, Bigg Boss.


–      Dr. Suman Kumar Kasturi


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