Know Your Air Force!

Know Your Air Force! Plurality is the nature of India — so is with Indian Air Force. People from different regions, languages, cultures, and heritage get together for the only objective — safeguarding the Indian skies. The success of Indian Air Force lies in the unity of air warriors. Every individual in general — andContinue reading “Know Your Air Force!”


Mix-ups of Freedom of Press

Mix-ups of Freedom of Press The right to expression and freedom of speech is very essential in a democratic nation. Intellectuals have backed it for a long time as a gateway to other liberties, conjecturing that curtailment of freedom of expression inexorably leads to restrictions on other rights such as the right to be informed.Continue reading “Mix-ups of Freedom of Press”

Will Amavasya Effect on TRS Give Big Success to Maha Kootami?

Will Amavasya Effect on TRS Give Big Success to Maha Kootami? Ever since OP Rawat, the Chief Election Commissioner, on October 6, 2018, has declared that the state of Telangana would go to the polls on December 7, guesswork has been on track amongst the people. All buzzes have been fretful only with the winningContinue reading “Will Amavasya Effect on TRS Give Big Success to Maha Kootami?”

A Mission to Touch the Sky with Glory

A Mission to Touch the Sky with Glory Indian Air Force is the decisive sharing out of the Indian Armed Forces – the military forces of the Republic of India. It is the youngest service among the tri-services as compared to the Indian Army and the Indian Navy. But as far as the mightiness is taken into account,Continue reading “A Mission to Touch the Sky with Glory”