Why Can’t Political Parties Put Up With Their Manifestoes?

Why Can’t Political Parties Put Up With Their Manifestoes?

Manifestoes come to be very vital for the campaigning to each and every political party. They are the most important starting places to lure the public before elections. There is no doubt that every political party carries out research work before they formulate and bring out their parties’ manifesto. The parties take into consideration, all those issues which observably fetch them a high number of votes. The entire thing revolves around the only issue — alluring the voters to get a high number of votes.

If we clearly go through the party manifestoes, almost every manifesto shows heaven in the palm. The question that arises here is whether the promises made in the party manifestoes can be really fulfilled? Maybe yes and maybe no. However, the promises made by a political party in its manifesto is not unattainable. The promises could be accomplished. Nevertheless, such an act requires not only an able leadership but also the teamwork accompanied with true spirit.

The contemporary politics are revolving around one particular leader for any given party. In my opinion, every party has good leaders and bad leaders. It is the individual and his aspirations that run the show and not the political parties they belong to. For that matter, a person with a true vision can do more justice than any political party as a whole could do. A local leader can truly do miracles by better utilizing the constitutional development funds alone. In order for the promises to have their existence, all that required is a superior plan.

We have the evidence that many leaders failed to utilize the constitutional development fund allocated to their respective constituencies. A good example of the same is Sachin Tendulkar, who failed to utilize the funds allotted to his chosen area of development. Many similar examples can be quoted in this context.

In a democratic country like India, both the ruling and opposition parties are equally important. If the ruling party is to be considered as the stuff, the opposition party should become the container. Both are equally responsible to run the show. It is not necessary that all the decisions taken by the ruling government are required to be criticized by the opposition parties, as most of the decisions could have been taken in a similar way if the same opposition party could have been in power. Similarly, all those issues countered by the opposition party may not be considered as mere criticize. A thought can be given by the ruling party whether there is any truth hidden in the matter brought out by the opposition parties.

In the present day scenario, there are only coalition governments. Such governments need to pacify every constituent party before they take any fundamental decision. In such circumstances, it is not possible for any political party to take wise decisions boldly by the major constituents as the same is occupied by some sort of hidden fear.

So much is said during the election campaigning by the politicians. However, not even a small portion of their own manifestoes is implemented by most of the political parties. All that matters is the dedication to do the things. If the political parties move with such an attitude both in letter and spirit, it is not very difficult to achieve the results sought after. Yes, political parties can abide by their manifestoes, if they adopt true ideologies. The entire thing is the matter of an intrinsic issue and not virtuously extrinsic.

–   Dr. Suman Kumar Kasturi


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