An expedition to touch the sky with glory

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An expedition to touch the sky with glory


Indian Air Force is the decisive sharing out of the Indian Armed Forces – the military forces of the Republic of India. It is the youngest service among the tri-services, when compared to the Indian Army and the Indian Navy. Nevertheless, as far as the mightiness is taken into account, IAF unquestionably outshines the other two services.

An Expedition

The Journey

Way back to history – it was on the same day in 1932 – Indian Air Force was officially established as an auxiliary air force of the British Empire. With an infinitesimal strength of 25 air warriors, the first aircraft squadron had come into force on April 01, 1933. During the World War II, the IAF played a dominant role in blocking the encroachment of the Japanese army in Burma, where its first air strike was on the Japanese military base in Arakan…

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