Can Indians Do Justice to Electoral Reforms of TN Seshan?

Can Indians do justice to electoral reforms of TN Seshan? Dr. Suman K Kasturi 9 Jan 2014 9:31 PM IST x

While the General elections of 2014 in India are nearing, for sundry reasons, I suddenly remembered the 10th Chief Election Commissioner of India and retired Indian Administrative Service Officer, Tirunellai Narayana Iyer Seshan, more aptly known as TN Seshan.

Seshan is known for the electoral reforms in India. He has been fundamentally successful in ending electoral malpractices in India. He did justice to each and every responsibility bestowed upon him, while he occupied various coveted positions like Director, Department of Atomic Energy; Joint secretary, Department of Space;Secretary, Department of Agricultures, Government of Tamil Nadu;Member (Personnel), Oil & Natural Gas Commission;Additional Secretary, Department of Space;Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Defence; Secretary, Internal Security etc.

Ignoring threats and unshakable interests, the admired and controversial T N Seshan helped clean up India’s elections. Almost eighteen years after he left the Election Commission in 1996, I wondered what he might be doing after the futile attempt of becoming the president of India. I posed a question to self why don’t people like Seshan get their dues?

While the entire nation is praising the victory of Kejriwal, I remembered TN Seshan and thought him to be the person, who is virtually responsible for Kejriwal’s success. I don’t see any possibility of a person like Kejriwal occupying the chair of Chief Minister of Delhi, if electoral reforms were not brought into force by TN Seshan? Hopefully you second my opinion.

A famous verse from Bhagavad Gita, when literally translated states: “Man is of the nature of his faith; what his faith is that verily he is”. Only visionary people like TN Seshan can bring changes as the same needs many inherent qualities, which are possessed by only a few. Seshan brought changes in the vital area, which can ultimately bring changes in various other sectors. That change is required to be better utilized by the citizens. Also Read – What went right with World Bank? A common man is not aware of the power of vote. Mere possession of the superior weapons will not fetch the victory; we need to have a strong force of warriors. In a similar vein, electoral reforms alone will not bring changes.

The electorates need to be changed. Who should change electorates? It is not the responsibility of the few educated people. In this era of Satmass media, the masses are very much influenced by the media content; especially the electronic media has a strong impact on its audience. This fact can be better utilized to bring awareness among the electorates. The responsible media channels should come out and educate the electorates. As an individual, educated elites should come out and do their best… may it be in a very small domain. After all “Rome is not built in a day”.


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