President’s rule in AP?

The Article 356 of the Constitution of Republic of India deals with President’s Rule which denotes the failure of the Constitutional mechanism of an Indian state. In the event of President’s Rule which is caused due to the government’s failure in a state to function as per the Constitutional norms, the state comes under the direct controlContinue reading “President’s rule in AP?”


Prof Jaya Shankar remembered

Who deserves the credit of formation of Telangana? Is it the TRS party and its president Kalvakunta Chandrasekhar Rao (more aptly known as KCR) or the student martyrs who sacrificed their life for Telangana statehood or the entire Telangana community for being united at all times for the very reason? I personally opine that allContinue reading “Prof Jaya Shankar remembered”

Communicating adore on Valentine’s Day!!

A special day for each occasion draws individual’s focus. Even for expressing love – a universal trait, we have a precise day. Hope you conjectured the milieu I am talking about. Yes, it’s about the Valentine’s Day. Both the history of Valentine’s Day and the story of its benefactor saint are shrouded in mystery. TheContinue reading “Communicating adore on Valentine’s Day!!”

Emotional intelligence a need of the hour

Telangana issue has reached the ultimate phase of decision making. In the state bifurcation episode,Thursday and the remaining few days of Parliament session turns to be the most crucial period. At this imperative peak, youths need to adopt emotional intelligence as the only weapon they should be ever in possession of. Emotional intelligence is the ability toContinue reading “Emotional intelligence a need of the hour”

Uneven Pillars of Democracy

It is said that democracy stands on the four pillars – – Executive (Government); Legislature (Parliament & State Assemblies, etc), Judiciary (Supreme Court, High Court & Other Judicial centres) and  Media (Newspaper, Internet, Blogs & all the platforms that airs people’s aspirations). Democracy is like an implicit building that stands firmly on these four pillars. However, democracy in contemporaryContinue reading “Uneven Pillars of Democracy”

Whither patriotic zeal?

Today, India is celebrating its 65th Republic Day that commemorates the day when the Indian Constitution was adopted in 1950. It is that day of the year when just about every Indian, from the politician to the common man, turns true-blue patriotic. Making it distinctly visible one buys a plastic tricolor that gets hooked to theContinue reading “Whither patriotic zeal?”

Patriotism a jiffy affair in India?

Your vehicle comes to a screeching halt as the light turns red at the traffic signal. Even as you fret over the eternal wait, a plastic tri-colour flag is flashed in front of your face. You soon hear chant of Vande Mataram, Jai Hind from a little boy’s mouth trying to sell you the flag.Continue reading “Patriotism a jiffy affair in India?”

Article 3 and evolution of States

India is a single entity with many independent units. It can be better understood as a perpetual union with divisible states. Article 3 of Indian Constitution provides inter alia for formation of new states by altering the boundaries of existing states, suitably. The Constitution that came into force w.e.f. January 26, 1950, made India aContinue reading “Article 3 and evolution of States”

Telangana statehood in the spirit of Article 3

The Constitution of Republic of India that came into force w.e.f. January 26, 1950 is the ultimate document that delineates defining fundamental political principles, establishes the structure, procedures, powers, and duties of government institutions, and sets out fundamental rights, directive principles, and the duties of citizens. It is the longest written constitution of any sovereign country inContinue reading “Telangana statehood in the spirit of Article 3”