Politics blemish images of celebrities?

It has been a common affair in India that most of the celebrities like film actors – after a splendid career – would like to check their fortune in political career stint. Bygone are the days when people used to welcome their political entry as well – and their image in the previous career – used to add them advantage to their political line of business. The situation is changed now and people are looking the celebrity turned politicians another way and a different reflection is given to them for their political endeavours.

The assessment which the celebrity turned politician gets is at par with that of the general politicians. If they good to the people, they are welcomed, else, they will be expelled in elections. Such is the contemporary situation that prevails in India.

Consider the example of Chiranjeevi, who accrued a great fan following. Even the initial build-up of his political entry boasted off a great would be leader in him. But, just after 2 yrs or so, with him merging his PRP party in the Congress Party, the entire image of him has tarnished overnight. Now, the situation is so wretched that for his Friday road shows in Srikakulam district, very thin audiences were seen on the roads. Earlier, people used to rush on to the roads just to have a glimpse of Chiranjeevi, the Mega Star.  All this might be rooted to the very fact that people expect their reel events in the real world, which otherwise could not be attained by any celebrity until and unless they serve the people with a true spirit.

The clear analysis of this situation is common to the celebrities of other fields as well. The much acclaimed cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar was in news depressingly for not spending the constitutional development fund.

Certainly such a fad would smudge the image of the celebrities which they gained through many years of hard work. The question here is whether it is necessary for the celebrities to join politics to smear off their image gained through many years of hard work?

Is boycotting polls an astute pronouncement by voters?

In the just concluded general elections in Telangana, few villages have boycotted the polls showing baulk over the irresponsible attitude of the politicians. They claim that no leader has ever bothered to look into the wellbeing of them, which in turn made them taking the decision together to shun the polls.

Going deep into this very matter, at few villages where the elections were boycotted, there are not even provisions for the basic amenities. The entire villagers have to suffer the stride of miseries for years together. Those facilities which have been demanded by the populace of ibid villages are not very great insist. They could be endowed with mere disbursement of the constitutional development fund allocated to each and every constituent. But, no leader ever bothers to embark on such an activity. For that matter, most of the leaders overlook such villages immediately after the polls. They remember once again, only when the elections turn up, the next time.

Is staying away from the elections a wise decision? This turns to be a dubious question. The argument can be surely supported in either way. It is justifiable – because – by boycotting the elections, far-flung villages come into limelight and their problems take delivery of wide publicity by which – in turn – justice could be done to such places or the so called bucolic areas. From the other end, elections are the means through which an elected member among the people is sent to the constitutional institutions to stand for them. There is a need to elect a suitable member who could effectively project the problems in the legislative institutions. Boycotting elections would not serve the rationale.

There is a lesson to be learnt from this entire episode, for sure. The lesson is meant for the political leaders who always consider the laypeople as the mere voters. It is not so; change is inevitable and a palpable change is seen in the masses or the so called voters, by now. They have been agitated moderately well to decide what they want and how would they get what they wish for. Few people can be coned for the entire time and many people can be bluffed for few time. But everyone cannot be deceived always. So, there is a need for the leaders to change as well.

The freedom of the people is intended for their betterment and not for the luxuries of the few elite communities or the political leaders. So much development has been achieved and so much is about to be achieved among the mentalities of the laypeople. That day is not far away when citizens nominate candidates by themselves and sends them to the legislative institutions of their own through the process of elections.

Politicians, just wonder about why should the masses boycott the polls and who is responsible for the same??!!

After Telangana, it’s Seemandhra now!

The elections in Telangana have been just concluded. Now, it will be the turn of Seemandhra. There are a few political parties which have been in pursuit in either region. For them, till now, it was between the two regions – Telangana and Seemandhra. They had to play a balanced game to manage the pulse of voters of either region. Now, elections in one region (Telangana) are concluded. So, they have already started taking the advantage of the same.  Whatever may happen, the polled votes which are stored in the EVMs (Electronic Voting Machine) cannot be changed as far as Telangana is concerned. So, the political parties have been looking for anti-advantage of this fact, palpably.

For parties like TRS, it was never a problem for them, as they remain the contenders in only region – Telangana. Nevertheless, it is not the case with other political parties to whom it has been a feat like the ropewalk. Most of the politicians consider the masses as the hoodwinks. But, the knowledge levels of the masses or the so called voters have been increased and they are better aware of what is good and what is bad. There may be chances of influencing a few voters with the last minute alluring with such promises which cannot be fulfilled. But, for sure such voters will occupy a very little percentage among the total number of voters.

Such gimmicks will also have negative impact on the candidates. The voters can distinguish the versions of the leaders before and after the concluding of elections in Telangana and make out who are bluffing for what. Media played a vital role in educating and agitating the voters by bringing out awareness among the voters of the value of their votes. Individually, a single vote may not be powerful. But, when a single vote joins with other such single votes, it could decide the future of themselves as well as the nation.

After Telangana, now it’s the turn of Seemandhra. For either region the elections turns to be very crucial. For either region, it is like home warming elections. Both are newly emerging states. There is a need for a stable and able government in either region. How wisely people of Telangana have voted and how wisely the people of Seemandhra would vote can be decided only on May 16, the day of declaration of results.


The General Elections in Telangana region have been just concluded. Nalgonda district stood on the first place with 81% of polled votes, while Hyderabad remained at the last position with 53% of polled votes. It noticeably indicates the fact that the urban voters are lacklustre to vote as compared to the semi-urban and rural voters.

The analysis of the polled votes gives us the other side of invent – the influence of currency (notes) – in the rural and semi-urban areas which is reportedly not flagrant in urban areas. Most of the urban voters preferred to choose NOTA (None of the above) as their option in the polls, according to a study. If it was the case, as far as they were concerned, their choice couldn’t have any upshot as such, for NOTA would be considered only for the percentage of votes and not for deciding the winning factor of any candidate. If such was the case, no voter ever would like to take any pain which do not bring them any gain in turn. Such a thing might be the motive for the less percentage of polls in Hyderabad and other urban areas like Ranga Reddy district.

From the other end, the rural and semi-urban voters have been allegedly allured in many ways by the contenders. Bowing to the acceptance of gifts in various forms (mostly in the form of currency NOTEs), the voters in these areas were compelled to cast their vote by hook or crook.

So, it was a game between “NOTE and NOTA”, for sure. Many of the urban voters have reportedly chosen to vote for NOTA even though it will not directly have any impact on the winning chances of the candidates.

Casting vote is duty, not an option!!

An analysis of the statistics of the poll percentage in India for any given election – let it be a local body election or civic polls or general elections for that matter, reveal that the poll percentage at an average lies between 50%-60%. What happens to the other 40%-50% voters? Nothing but, they never partake in elections considering that there would not be any change if they vote or not vote. The reasons may be sundry and specific to an individual for keeping away from voting. But, no voter should ever forget that voting is not their choice rather it is an obligation.

In a recent study carried out in India, it was revealed that all those who abstain from elections are mostly educated people. The case is so, because this category of voters has faith not an iota. They prefer nobody as their leader; so, they keep themselves away from casting their votes. This time the Election Commission has additionally included NOTA option. Of course, that may not have a direct impact in the poll results. But, for sure, it will be a way to change the prevailing corrupted politics. This option can be better utilised by all those who find no good in any contender. Is it not a wise option than abstaining from polls?

In general, the polling day is declared as holiday for almost all organisations with the very intention that all those who are working at various other places should go back to their home constituency to cast their vote. But, how many people take it as a responsibility and do their duty?

All those who assert for their rights should never forget that they have responsibilities or the so called duties as well. Without doing our own duty, do we have a choice to claim our rights? Just give it a thought!!

Epithet of election campaigning in Telangana

After a long time of election campaigning, Monday – Apr 28, 2014 – turns to be the final day for election campaigning. The last day is very crucial for each and every party as far as promoting their respective parties is concerned. Nevertheless, the parties seem to be focussing more to carp the other parties, instead of propping up their own parties.

So far, the parties have been involved in high level of election campaigning as far as the technology used and various other related aspects are concerned in the poll campaigning. But, the subject that was put in front of the populace during their election campaigning is equally opposed in nature i.e. the level is very cower and which is not expected out of the political parties of this stature.

Each and every party and its leaders have gone to a great extent of criticising, that too on the personal front. Action and counteraction was the most palpable missiles they used in the entire process of election campaigning. Do the general public really get influenced with such actions of the leaders? Even the people in the bottom rung of the societies have started hating the politicians for their dreadful activities. Such is the fallen stage of the politicians today.

If we consider any major political party, some or other leaders belonging to such parties have been charged with corruption related allegations. No party for that matter has established as purely an honest party. Then why should a political party pass judgment on the other party? Can’t they promote their own policies and agenda to win the mêlée? The epithet of election campaigning in Telangana reveals the only fact that parties believes in pointing out other flaws to swathe of their own.

Yes, it’s astrologers’ time

Whenever elections take place in India, the astrologers have a peak time for their line of work. Most of the aspirants want to check their kismet, even before the elections are actually held. This point is wisely made the most of many of the astrologers. They predict the victory of aspirants with entrenched impediments. In turn, they seek a huge sum for holding Yagnas and other sacred events.

No doubt how developed the world may be, some superstitions still prevail in our society. The same false notions turn to be the input for the astrologers. Astrology cannot be blamed. It is a wonderful subject which took its birth in India in the ancient period. But, for sure, there are only a very few genuine astrologers in the contemporary era. The subject which has been neglected by the Indians has been brushed up and researched by various foreigners in the recent times.

 The subject astrology has been neglected in India just because of the fake fortune-tellers. With a little acquaintance on the subject, they want to forecast the things. If it happens to be true by a mere coincidence, they claim it as their credit – else, they keep mum. There is a need to force out such fake astrologers from the societies.

Coming back to our tangible topic, apart from a negligible number of leaders, almost all candidates contending the polls have been approaching the astrologers to check their fortune. The entire process is making the astrologers richer and richer (and why not?). Is it not the astrologers’ time? Just think!!

New Media and New Challenges

With the advent of Satellite Communications that began with a simple research article titled “Extra terrestrial relays: can rockets give worldwide radio communication?” written by Arthur C Clarke and published in the Wireless World magazine in the year 1945 turns to be the basis of the New Media or the so called Satmass media (a word coined by Dr. Suman K Kasturi). Based on the ibid article, so much work went on in the past and at last the communication through satellites has become a reality.

Specifically communication satellites have come into force with the sole intention of supporting communication related applications. There after – Satellite Television, Satellite Radio, Satellite Phones and the Internet have emerged as the most important applications of communication satellites. The list is not limited, however. The Internet, which is more aptly known as the eighth wonder of the world has changed the communication world. We cannot even imagine the world without the Internet for even a single day. Such is our dependency on this new media. A good evidence for the same is – in the recent times, Google servers went down for just 4 minutes. It has given a judder to the entire world.

 New media has not only made good to the masses. It has equally posed questions on the survival of the human beings. Like Nuclear Fission and Fusion applications have both negative and positive sides, even the usage of new media has similar effects. It is purely on the end user how he/she uses an application or invention – for which the new media is not an exception. Wise handling of new media would do miracles in the communication world; and from the other end, misuse of the new media will destroy the entire humankind within no time. Folks, just think!! How you would like to use this new media is your own choice?

Student activities Vs Internet Knowledge

In this day and age, the entire education curriculum has been significantly changed; and the so called activity based studies are on a rise. For this activity based studies, more or less, use of the Internet has become a must. There is no doubt one need to update himself/herself in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) environment. Nevertheless, most of the time the students should depend upon their parents or peers for getting assistance for the completion of activities in their beginning stages.

What happens to the child whose parents are computer illiterates? In the present day scenario parents’ backing has become a must; and solely teachers cannot run the entire show. Such situation would surely mess up the condition of the students who are not supported by their parents or peers. There is a problem – and where is the solution? The solution surely lies within the school. School management should focus more on such students and give a special training.

 In the present day situation, most of the corporate schools carryout interviews for the parents before they give admission to their wards. It is for the same purpose – to know if the parents of child can assist them in his/her academic tasks. It’s nothing surprising that most reputed schools even deny admissions to the children of people who are less educated. It was not the case in the earlier instances. “समय के साथ चलो” is the tag word that is most suitable to the case. It has become a burning problem in the present day schooling environment. There is a need for the concerned bodies to address this matter appropriately and adequately.