Who should decide Intensive Household Survey’s success?

An intensive household survey was taken up across Telangana on a single day i.e. on August 19 in what was billed as the first exercise of its kind anywhere in India. The Telangana government took it very prestigiously and prepared all stakeholders for the ibid survey over a period of time.   KCR, the ChiefContinue reading “Who should decide Intensive Household Survey’s success?”

Intensive Household Survey hints a need for cutback in census period

The Intensive Household Survey which was prestigiously undertaken by the state government of Telangana has become a grand success. Apart from achieving what the survey was intended for, it has revealed a few other facts which should be considered at an appropriate level. According to the statistics, the historic Telangana survey that covered 1.05 croreContinue reading “Intensive Household Survey hints a need for cutback in census period”