The Guided Missile: A Review By Prof (Dr) Chinnaswamy Pichandy

Title of the Book: The Guided Missile: Memoirs of An Air Warrior; Authored by: Dr Suman Kumar Kasturi;Published by: Wisdom Press, New Delhi; 2022;ISBN: 978-93-92407-03-1; Pages: xiv+202; Price: ₹350/- The Guided Missile is the story of an unguided youth, who chanced upon the opportunity to join the Indian Air Force, unwillingly, accidentally and of courseContinue reading “The Guided Missile: A Review By Prof (Dr) Chinnaswamy Pichandy”

Balapur Ganesh laddu: The secret behind its popularity

Ganesh Chathurthi is one of the Hindu festivals that are fabulously celebrated in and around Hyderabad, every year. Almost 1 lakh community idols are set up during the festival and the Laddu prasadam is also auctioned. At some places, auctioning of Laddu Prasadam is a daily affair for all 9 days – and at someContinue reading “Balapur Ganesh laddu: The secret behind its popularity”

Suryapet pounds a jackpot with Vijayawada as AP’s capital

Suryapet, a town in Nalgonda district, is going to have a very great time as far as the development is concerned. The announcement of Vijayawada as the new capital city of residuary Andhra Pradesh has doubled up the chances of its growth. Geographically the town is located in the middle of Hyderabad and Vijayawada atContinue reading “Suryapet pounds a jackpot with Vijayawada as AP’s capital”

Is there any connection between Ganesh Chathurthi and rainfall?

Have you ever noticed that at most places every year on Ganesh Chathurthi, rainfall may be scantly but occurs? Why is it so? Is there any relationship between Ganesh Chathurthi and rainfall?   The beginnings of the Ganesh festival can be traced back to a time when most of the populace of India lived byContinue reading “Is there any connection between Ganesh Chathurthi and rainfall?”

Ice Bucket or Rice Bucket: Charity requires

Ice Bucket or Rice Bucket: Charity requires no driving force! The ALS awareness drive in the U.S. has turned now into an inquisitive game all around the world. It has triggered a sort of private antagonism among the celebrities. One after another, celebrities started undertaking the Ice Bucket Challenge, clearly indicating that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has becomeContinue reading “Ice Bucket or Rice Bucket: Charity requires”

Intensive Household Survey hints a need for cutback in census period

The Intensive Household Survey which was prestigiously undertaken by the state government of Telangana has become a grand success. Apart from achieving what the survey was intended for, it has revealed a few other facts which should be considered at an appropriate level. According to the statistics, the historic Telangana survey that covered 1.05 croreContinue reading “Intensive Household Survey hints a need for cutback in census period”

Powers of governors in India

Special powers to governor of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have become a cause of concern not only for the people of either state, but also for the entire nation. Some of the analysts opine that giving special powers concerning the law and order situation of Hyderabad is a sort of violation of the spirit ofContinue reading “Powers of governors in India”

Who will own responsibility of these students?

Going on with the nativity factor decided by the Telangana government and other allied issues associated with the fee reimbursement scheme of the students, the most important issue turns to be the owning of responsibility of those students from the villages which were under the jurisdiction of East Godavari before 1956 and later merged withContinue reading “Who will own responsibility of these students?”

Ashok Babu is just a closed chapter?

Ashok Babu was the name that made rounds during the Samaikyandhra agitation. Almost every day, all newspapers and news channels used to cover some or other news related to him. He became prominent among the masses more than the political leaders during that time and became legendary within no time. He was discharged at theContinue reading “Ashok Babu is just a closed chapter?”

KCR’s one month as Chief Minister: An analysis

As the Chief Minister of Telangana, KCR has completed one month already. During this one month he has shown his impact certainly. Right from grabbing the attention of all sectors of people to satisfying the government employees with his promises like getting a weekly off for the policemen etc, everything had his own brand image.Continue reading “KCR’s one month as Chief Minister: An analysis”