Can India Regain Its Charm?

India is the world’s largest democratic nation. But, I doubt beyond doubt whether it can be called a democratic nation. I have this doubt because of the customary blemished political gimmicks, which have been happening in India. The recent episode of note for vote that came about in the milieu of the just concluded MLC elections in Telangana state of India has raised the auxiliary doubts. I am astounded to know that a single vote can cost Rs 5cr. The MLA, who was caught red-handed, soon after his arrest by the ACB said that he was fixed deliberately. Seriously, I couldn’t understand one thing – once accepting bribe or bribing someone is a crime, where is the question of fixing someone intentionally.

Translation misunderstandings can blemish leadership image!

At times, inadvertently the poor translation aspects can create a blot on the image of the leaders. For many people, translation may come out as a very easy task. But, in actuality it is not so.   The basic definition of translation is “the process of transferring text from one language into another”. Translator shouldContinue reading “Translation misunderstandings can blemish leadership image!”

Know the history before making interpretations!

With a laid up intention, few groups of people have been comparing KCR, the Chief Minister of Telangana with Adolf Hitler, the top leader of the Nazi Party. I personally opine that when something is said or talked about, it should be associated with proper rationalisation. Is it not so? I wonder how many peopleContinue reading “Know the history before making interpretations!”

KCR’s 100 day report card

It was the crucial time when KCR, the Chief Minister of Telangana, has taken the reigns of the state government into his hand. A newly emerged state, for obvious reasons needs a good leadership to resolve many palpable and unknown problems. The Telangana people could not find a better option than the KCR led TRSContinue reading “KCR’s 100 day report card”

Suryapet pounds a jackpot with Vijayawada as AP’s capital

Suryapet, a town in Nalgonda district, is going to have a very great time as far as the development is concerned. The announcement of Vijayawada as the new capital city of residuary Andhra Pradesh has doubled up the chances of its growth. Geographically the town is located in the middle of Hyderabad and Vijayawada atContinue reading “Suryapet pounds a jackpot with Vijayawada as AP’s capital”

KCR’s silence itself is a furtive strategy?

Despite the fact that KCR was criticised by the leaders of opposition parties, at times KCR keeps unvoiced; and every time he opens up after a long period of silence, he just roars. Yes, it has been his modish strategy. In this milieu I would like to refer to a beautiful dictum in Telugu –Continue reading “KCR’s silence itself is a furtive strategy?”

Why doesn’t KCR think of this ‘pink’ concept?

KCR, the Chief Minister of Telangana, has already made his only one of its kind impact with the introduction of the hi-tech police patrolling vehicles in Hyderabad. He has many similar plans in the pipeline for obvious reasons as he wishes to see a ‘Golden Telangana’ in a stipulated time frame.   Placed below isContinue reading “Why doesn’t KCR think of this ‘pink’ concept?”

Who should decide Intensive Household Survey’s success?

An intensive household survey was taken up across Telangana on a single day i.e. on August 19 in what was billed as the first exercise of its kind anywhere in India. The Telangana government took it very prestigiously and prepared all stakeholders for the ibid survey over a period of time.   KCR, the ChiefContinue reading “Who should decide Intensive Household Survey’s success?”

Intensive Household Survey hints a need for cutback in census period

The Intensive Household Survey which was prestigiously undertaken by the state government of Telangana has become a grand success. Apart from achieving what the survey was intended for, it has revealed a few other facts which should be considered at an appropriate level. According to the statistics, the historic Telangana survey that covered 1.05 croreContinue reading “Intensive Household Survey hints a need for cutback in census period”

KCR, Chandrababu finds the ultimate way out

The Sunday (August 17, 2014) meeting of both Chief Ministers of Telugu States Chandrababu Naidu and Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao in the presence of ESL Narasimhan, the common governor of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states, turned to be an imposing accomplishment. After the meeting both the Chief Ministers have equally sensed a sort of buoyancy thatContinue reading “KCR, Chandrababu finds the ultimate way out”