Can a change in Indian electoral system be achieved?

Change is inevitable in any sector. The very object of Indian electoral system is about to moulder due to the exasperating practices followed by the politicians to win the game of elections. From one end, everyone pleads for the limpidness in government and from the other end the majority of the people never dither toContinue reading “Can a change in Indian electoral system be achieved?”

Indian polls: Independent contenders are the untrained ropewalkers

Looking into the number of nominations received and the actual number of contenders in the fray for the ongoing polls in India reveals the fact that in some constituencies, the Election Commission had to supply as many as three EVMs as a single Electronic Voting Machine can accommodate only 16 contenders whereas the actual numberContinue reading “Indian polls: Independent contenders are the untrained ropewalkers”

Indian polls a mere encashment of sentiments

Plurality is the nature of Indian societies. Nevertheless, all Indians have matchless qualities when it comes to the affair of sentiment. Around the world, Indians are recognised as the syrupy people for high levels of emotional sentiments they have intrinsically. This becomes the crucial factor and plays a vital game as far as elections inContinue reading “Indian polls a mere encashment of sentiments”

Has state bifurcation played a blind game in AP?

An imperative decision of state bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh has a great impact in the alarming elections in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh making these elections very special. The politics in either state have been revolving around only issue – state bifurcation. Every stakeholder wants to get benefitted through state bifurcation in Telangana; conversely, whenContinue reading “Has state bifurcation played a blind game in AP?”

Do we Indians have a right to blame politicians?

The contemporary India has been adversely affected by the so called corruption and has been spreading length and breadth of the entire nation like the cancer syndrome. We often blame the politicians for the corruption. Are the politicians solely responsible for the prevailing situation? Don’t we have any share in this? Surely, politicians are not aloneContinue reading “Do we Indians have a right to blame politicians?”

Lessons to be learnt from soldiers of Indian Armed Forces

The nation as a whole is nonviolent and makes everybody enjoy their own lives. Have you ever thought of the reasons behind such a wonderful life of enjoyed by all of us which are free from all sort of security related worries? It is just because of the diligent efforts put in by the IndianContinue reading “Lessons to be learnt from soldiers of Indian Armed Forces”

Can political parties abide by their manifestoes

Manifestoes become very vital for the campaigning to each and every political party. They are the most important starting places to lure the public before elections. There is no doubt that every political party carries out a research work before they formulate and bring out their party manifesto. They consider all those issues which obviouslyContinue reading “Can political parties abide by their manifestoes”

Can’t Bhadrachalam be saved?

A study conducted by the Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS) let slips the fact that Polavaram irrigation project through its storage waters of the project on the Godavari River will surely dip the temple town of Bhadrachalam provided the storage exceeds the limit of 36L cusec at a level of 140 feet height.Continue reading “Can’t Bhadrachalam be saved?”