Patriotism Isn’t a Jiffy Affair!

Your vehicle comes to a screeching halt as the light turns red at the traffic signal. Even as you fret over the eternal wait, a plastic tri-colour flag is flashed in front of your face. You soon hear a chant of Vande Mataram, Jai Hind from a little boy’s mouth trying to sell you the flag. He has other accessories too – an Independence Day metal badge, plastic lotus, soldier figures etc. Then it dawns upon you that there’s a National holiday ahead. Feeling guilty, you even buy a souvenir to display your patriotism only to throw it into a trash bin after a while. Sounds familiar?

The stifling effect of alternate banking on bank strikes

By Dr Suman Kumar Kasturi | THE HANS INDIA |    Dec 28,2018 , 11:43 PM IST       ,In an attempt to gain a concession or two from their employer, in general, as a matter of course, the employees protest in the form of a strike — a refusal to work organised by a body of employees. As farContinue reading “The stifling effect of alternate banking on bank strikes”