Powers of governors in India

Special powers to governor of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have become a cause of concern not only for the people of either state, but also for the entire nation. Some of the analysts opine that giving special powers concerning the law and order situation of Hyderabad is a sort of violation of the spirit ofContinue reading “Powers of governors in India”

Bharat Ratna for the unsung hero Subhash Chandra Bose

If the buzz is to be believed, Netajai Subash Chandra Bose who remained an unsung hero will be conferred with the highest civilian honour Bharat Ratna this year. It is learnt that Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India will be making an official statement on August 15, 2014 during the Independence Day Celebrations. SubashContinue reading “Bharat Ratna for the unsung hero Subhash Chandra Bose”

What does Official Secrets Act 1923 convey?

With the most recent incident of Patan Kumar Poddar, a JCO of Indian Army, who was arrested on Wednesday (August 6, 2014) on the charges of espionage activities, there arise a need to know what does the Official Secrets Act 1923 talk about for his confession of involvement in espionage activities is a case of true violationContinue reading “What does Official Secrets Act 1923 convey?”

KCR’s policy: Better late than never

Time and again KCR countered the comments made by the leaders of opposition parties who have been stating that nothing has happened even after 2 months of functioning of the TRS government in the newly emerged state of Telangana. Of course, most of the time KCR has been busy these two months only with manyContinue reading “KCR’s policy: Better late than never”

Prof Jayashankar remembered on his 81st birth anniversary

The only person who needs no introduction and the ideologue of Telangana movement is Kothapalli Jayashankar popularly known as Professor Jayashankar. He was born on the same day in 1934. Prof Jayashankar had fought for a separate state since 1952. He often stated that unequal distribution of river water was the root cause of separate Telangana movement.  Continue reading “Prof Jayashankar remembered on his 81st birth anniversary”

Isn’t Golconda fort a right choice for ID celebrations?

Hyderabad city has a very rich heritage and culture of more than 400 years. Of the many historical places that attained their importance in Hyderabad, Golconda fort is one. It isalso known as GolKonda or Golla konda which literally means the Hill of Shepherd. Even after many years of its construction, the ruined fort is still maintaining its grandeurContinue reading “Isn’t Golconda fort a right choice for ID celebrations?”

Who will own responsibility of these students?

Going on with the nativity factor decided by the Telangana government and other allied issues associated with the fee reimbursement scheme of the students, the most important issue turns to be the owning of responsibility of those students from the villages which were under the jurisdiction of East Godavari before 1956 and later merged withContinue reading “Who will own responsibility of these students?”

Masaipet school bus incident: Whose fault?

There is no doubt that on the fateful morning of Thursday, many parents have been left with nothing else than the heartache caused due to the loss of their kids’ lives. It is evident that early on Thursday, a school bus belonging to Kakatiya School was hit by a Nanded Passenger train at Masaipet ofContinue reading “Masaipet school bus incident: Whose fault?”

Rails on roads: A critical analysis

It is just when the mishaps occur that the concerned authorities come out to blame each other. But, there are no evidences for the government opting for the preventive measures to avoid such mishaps. One after another mishaps have been occurring and they may not be the same in intensity and nature. But, for sureContinue reading “Rails on roads: A critical analysis”

Scapegoats in KCR, Chandrababu’s fight

The state bifurcation of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh eventually yanked into many predicaments. Many hot issues emulate the adversities being faced by the people of either state. Issues like the pronouncement of deciding the nativity of the students for the fee reimbursement or the condition of the people of the submerging villages of Polavaram Project areContinue reading “Scapegoats in KCR, Chandrababu’s fight”