What is responsibility in writing?

It has been my philosophy, “It is better to stand up for one’s own beliefs and get kicked in the shin rather than lie down and get hit on the face”. Of course, I do stand up for my beliefs, without compromising at any instant, for I believe that my beliefs are ethically and morallyContinue reading “What is responsibility in writing?”

Prof Jayashankar remembered on his 81st birth anniversary

The only person who needs no introduction and the ideologue of Telangana movement is Kothapalli Jayashankar popularly known as Professor Jayashankar. He was born on the same day in 1934. Prof Jayashankar had fought for a separate state since 1952. He often stated that unequal distribution of river water was the root cause of separate Telangana movement.  Continue reading “Prof Jayashankar remembered on his 81st birth anniversary”

KCR: A dab hand leader of management!!

The conventional belief is that a leader is different from a manager and a manager is different from a leader. Can the two go hand in hand in a person? Rarely, but it is not an absurdity. The Chief Minister of Telangana KCR is a good example for the same, in my opinion. In orderContinue reading “KCR: A dab hand leader of management!!”