An Unfavoured Fortune

The results of my SSC final examinations were declared. Like everyone, I too was tensed. Great achievent of my life till then…….. I stood fourteenth in the state of Andhra Pradesh. My joy was limitless. Those were the days – in every family the male child was expected to be an engineer and a female child was expected to be a doctor, by profession. Likewise like every other parents, my parents too were expecting me to be an engineer. To the best of my abilities, I tried to grab a seat in IIT. But I missed the chance by whisker due to lack of coaching and proper guidance. I even missed a seat in other state engineering colleges too ( I was offered Civil Engineering, but I always wanted to be a Chemical Engineer). I was feeling guilty for unknown reasons. Also, my family was dragged onto ditch, financially. I had no other option than seeking employment at the very early stages of mylife. I started working since the time I turned just eighteen. But my zest for education never cooled and I kept on studying and excelled in every part of my academic education. I am at the verge of completing my regular obligatory enagement. I am now looking forward for a better second career stint, hopefully.


Published by sumankasturi

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