After Telangana, it’s Seemandhra now!

The elections in Telangana have been just concluded. Now, it will be the turn of Seemandhra. There are a few political parties which have been in pursuit in either region. For them, till now, it was between the two regions – Telangana and Seemandhra. They had to play a balanced game to manage the pulse of voters of either region. Now, elections in one region (Telangana) are concluded. So, they have already started taking the advantage of the same.  Whatever may happen, the polled votes which are stored in the EVMs (Electronic Voting Machine) cannot be changed as far as Telangana is concerned. So, the political parties have been looking for anti-advantage of this fact, palpably.

For parties like TRS, it was never a problem for them, as they remain the contenders in only region – Telangana. Nevertheless, it is not the case with other political parties to whom it has been a feat like the ropewalk. Most of the politicians consider the masses as the hoodwinks. But, the knowledge levels of the masses or the so called voters have been increased and they are better aware of what is good and what is bad. There may be chances of influencing a few voters with the last minute alluring with such promises which cannot be fulfilled. But, for sure such voters will occupy a very little percentage among the total number of voters.

Such gimmicks will also have negative impact on the candidates. The voters can distinguish the versions of the leaders before and after the concluding of elections in Telangana and make out who are bluffing for what. Media played a vital role in educating and agitating the voters by bringing out awareness among the voters of the value of their votes. Individually, a single vote may not be powerful. But, when a single vote joins with other such single votes, it could decide the future of themselves as well as the nation.

After Telangana, now it’s the turn of Seemandhra. For either region the elections turns to be very crucial. For either region, it is like home warming elections. Both are newly emerging states. There is a need for a stable and able government in either region. How wisely people of Telangana have voted and how wisely the people of Seemandhra would vote can be decided only on May 16, the day of declaration of results.


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