Rails on roads: A critical analysis

It is just when the mishaps occur that the concerned authorities come out to blame each other. But, there are no evidences for the government opting for the preventive measures to avoid such mishaps. One after another mishaps have been occurring and they may not be the same in intensity and nature. But, for sure the reason is unique i.e. nothing but lack of responsibility.

The Indian Railway system is the biggest of its kind and has to cross 31, 846 places as the railway openings across the length and breadth of the country. These are called the level crossings. Of these level crossings, 13,530 areas are not guarded by anyone. The sign boards are the only warnings. Else, no other safety is adopted at these places. If we deep look into the statistics, in 2011-12 alone as many as 131 accidents took place near the level crossings. All these tend to be fatal accidents and 168 people lost their lives.

From the other corner, if someone drives recklessly near the unguarded railway crossings, according to the Railway Act of 1989, the individual can be charged for not less than a year. If the school bus driver is blameworthy for the accident that occurred on Thursday (July 24, 2014) at Masaipet in Medak district, he could have been awarded an imprisonment for not less than a year. Nevertheless, apart from losing his own life, the driver became responsible for the loss of lives of many kids.

An estimated 37,846 thousand crore is needed to turn these unmanned level crossings. Nevertheless, the amount spent by the railways towards the same in last thirteen years is 2,600cr that to for employing guards near the crossings.

The need of the hour is not to play the blame game, but to act in accordance with a sense of responsibility. The ultimate sufferers are the family of the victims. So….!!


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