Why not Telangana candidates in Seemandhra election fray?

Why not Telangana candidates in Seemandhra election fray?

Last Wednesday saw the first phase of elections in Telangana in the still united Andhra Pradesh. In these elections held for 17 Lok Sabha constituencies and 119 assembly constituencies there were a good number of candidates contested in the polls, who originally hail from Seemandhra districts. Eminent leaders like Jayaprakash Narayana, the National President of Loksatta Party; Narayana, the CPI state president, and many such leaders are a few good examples to support the ibid statement.

From the other end, not even a single candidate found to be contesting from Seemandhra region for a total of 25 Lok Sabha constituencies and 175 assembly constituencies, who otherwise are natives of Telangana. Is it because of the parties that decided the candidates or the candidates’ own fear that they would not be elected to power from Seemandhra region that made it a difference in Seemandhra election fray? The reason may be anything. But, for sure it gives a clear indication that why state bifurcation was welcomed by the majority of the people of Telangana region and why the same was opposed by the majority of the Seemandhra people.

The parties which fought for the United Andhra Pradesh should have at least kept this matter in their minds, if in letter and spirit their true desire was to keep the state united. There is a wide range of people who wonder whether they were not eligible to contest in the General Elections from Seemandhra. Every Indian has a right to contest in polls from any constituency, according to the constitutional guarantees. But, how could a person who knows that there has been a discrimination choose to go for polls in Seemandhra, which otherwise turns to be a mere wastage of time, efforts and money? The very piece of information was wavering in the minds of most of the leaders since the merger of the states that happened in 1956.

For that matter, can Seemandhra people (majority of them) welcome any person from Telangana to apply for the posts that would be notified in the new state of Andhra Pradesh? For sure, nobody would dare to do that. Even if someone dares to apply would he / she be selected for the post is the question that bothers many and the most.

It is better to live disjointedly and have warmth for each other than to stay in somebody’s company to fight at every moment. Is it not so?


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