Telangana Vs Andhra Pradesh: The game of perfidy against students   

A fight for the self governance and self respect to upkeep the heritage and cultural values of Telangana region has ultimately led for the formation of Telangana. Despite the fact Telangana got its statehood the domineered state remains still domineering, palpably. May be the same feeling has become the root cause for many issues that still ignite the fire between the two states – Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Consider the case of students’ fee reimbursement for instance. Andhra Pradesh state government wants the fee reimbursement of the students of Andhra Pradesh studying in Telangana state to be reimbursed by the Telangana government and Telangana governments says no to the same. It was one of the reasons why state bifurcation was solicited, even if not openly stated at any given time.

Most of the private institutions have established their academic institutions in and around Hyderabad and its surrounding areas – as the land could be procured very easily. So, for obvious reasons, the number of students who study in Telangana region would be more than the students studying in Andhra Pradesh. Also, for unknown reasons the migrations from Telangana region to Seemandhra region in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh state were almost negligible but the vice versa was not true. So, the students of Telangana who pursue their studies in Andhra Pradesh are meagre in percentage as compared to the students of Andhra Pradesh who are studying in Telangana.

Considering this very fact, tactically, the Telangana state government has decided to reimburse the fee based on the nativity of the father of the student. Implementation of this scheme would lessen the burden on the state of Telangana amounting crores of rupees. Nevertheless, it increases the burden on Andhra Pradesh government equally.

Here the point is who would take up the responsibility of such students. Neither Telangana government nor Andhra Pradesh state governments have come out with official GOs in this regard. The situation of the students is like a finger between the plies.

Even in this case, the solution could be sought amicably, if the two states really want to look into the welfare of the students. Like everything has been shared in 42: 58 ratios, irrespective of considering the localities, the states can divide the expenditure between the states that gets incurred towards the reimbursement of fees in the same ratio. This is one such option the states could think of.

The prevailing circumstances have surely dragged the students into catch-22 spot. The same situation is experienced by the students that would happen if a kid is neglected in between by the mother who gave life and the mother who nourished thereafter. The false prejudices between the states should not get into the students’ lives and should be resolved well in time. It’s not the game of politics but beyond that which could be considered befittingly as the game of treachery against students. It’s better late than never. So…..!!


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